Saturday, October 30, 2010

One like this

My three year old has a fascination with taking pictures. It doesn't matter where I hide the thing; sooner or later I'll here the mechanics of the camera and the giggle of a cheery little girl. When the pictures eventually make their way onto the computer, her snapshots are usually things like the floor, couch or bookshelf and more often than not, have a blurry little finger in half the frame. But then, every once in a while, I'm stopped in my tracks by something like this:
It may not mean much to you. But to me, this captures something important. (And not just Miss 3's other fascination of shoes!) 
You know those times when you look at your kid and wonder to yourself where the time has gone. When you beg for it to just slow down a bit, perhaps even stop for a while.
She's not going to be my little chubba forever. She's growing quick and if I don't pay better attention, I'm going to miss it. 
Oh, my baby.


crissy said...

C-rad likes to steal my camera and hide under the table. He made a funny little video just the other day. Stinker.

Zeke was biting me today. Baby teeth are sharp....but why does my 4 month old have teeth?! They won't stop growing, though. No matter how hard we wish for time to stand will just go by faster. C'est la vie. (Did I spell that right?)

Hope little Miss is feeling better..

{mama} said...

And nope, she's been asleep since 5.