Saturday, October 23, 2010

21-Day Vegan Quickstart

I found this free app for my iPod called 21-Day Vegan Quickstart. Veganism isn't something I've necessarily wanted to try (though vegetarianism is) but I feel like my health and wellness in general needs a jump-start, so why not? So this app is a week's worth of meals that you can then mix up as you choose for your 21 days. I don't plan on following it exactly, mainly because a lot of the recipes seem very "light" and let's face it- vegan or not, I'm a hungry Mama Bear. Flipping through my recipes I came across quite a few vegan meals that I plan to try and think will go over well with my carnivorous other half. (shhh!) I'll do my best to adhere to a vegan diet for at least 21 days and see how it goes. I'll keep track of my weight, how I feel, etc. here so keep checking on my progress. I definitely feel more accountable by publishing my goal, even just to my one (for now) reader. *wink wink*
Here goes nothin'!

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